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Safety first

SDS – Safety Data Sheet – is also known as MSDS – Material Safety Data Sheet. Trade Wind supplies and installs software for creating, translating and distributing Safety Data Sheets and Workplace Instruction Cards. It is of crucial importance that your (M)SDSs meet the legal requirements. After all: providing the correct information – e.g. in the form of an (M)SDS – is of the essence in any workplace that deals with chemicals and aims at creating and maintaining a safe working environment. Trade Wind creates, translates and distributes your SDS/MSDS for you. We also offer two software programs for your independent document management. Read on or make an appointment with our expert team.

Available in several languages

Trade Wind has many years of experience in drawing up, distributing and outsourcing safety documents and Workplace Instruction Cards. We are currently able to translate your SDS/MSDS into no less than 52 languages/GHS dialects. These include:

  • GHS-EU (CLP)
  • United States and Canada
  • China
  • Thailand
  • Turkey (SEA)

All we need from you are the formulations, raw materials data and physical properties involved. We deliver the completed documents in a .pdf or .doc format. Read on if you prefer to manage the development of your documents in-house.

Our products for your SDS and MSDS

Trade Wind offers two products for in-house creation, management and distribution of (M)SDSs. One is Lisam ExESS, an easy-to-use software program allowing you to independently draw up your SDS and MSDS according to the latest laws and regulations. As an added bonus, the software includes features such as Data Management and Report Management. In short: a highly flexible program that makes maintaining a safe working environment so much easier! Alternatively, we offer a product developed by Trade Wind itself. It is called DeDoks and it works via the internet, giving you the big advantage that you don’t need to install any software. Read on to discover the additional benefits of working with DeDoks.

Full in-house management

We proudly present a few other advantages of DeDoks:

  • Once the download of an SBS is complete, the document automatically appears in the distribution list
  • After each change to an SDS or MSDS, you receive the new version by email
  • Seamless integration of the program into your own website using IFrame


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Developing and managing your (M)SDS is so much easier with Trade Wind!

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