Article 31 of REACH requires, among other things, that you provide your customers with a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) no later than the date on which you supply them with the substance or mixture. In addition, in the event that the SDS changes, you must send this new version to customers who purchased the product less than 12 months ago.

PubliChem enables you to store, send and archive your SDS’s. Whether or not linked to your ERP system, PubliChem sends your documents to customers who have never received it before. Is there a new version of the SDS? PubliChem determines which customers have purchased the product in the past 12 months and sends the SDS automatically to them. PubliChem combines a very rich functionality (documents in all shapes and sizes, adjustable languages, extensive logging and import options) with a clear and user-friendly user interface.

PubliChem works via the internet, so no installation within your organization, but stable and easily accessible in the Cloud.

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