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HG Trade Wind

HG International b.v. renews its partnership with Trade Wind B.V. and we are proud of it. Our partnership started more than 10 years ago, and now HG International has decided to use Lisam Systems‘ software system ExESS to calculate, create and translate all their safety data sheets (SDS) and labels. The user-friendliness, flexibility and openess were the deciding factors to replace Sphera with ExESS. Our implementation partner ChemPros B.V. has completed the installation and training and offers support where needed.

Welcome HG International, we’re very happy that you’ve chosen us again!

Landelijke Stoffendag 2020, 9 December, Ede

The Dutch National Chemicals Day (Landelijke Stoffendag) has taken place on Wednesday 9 December 2020. This annual event was organised again by industry organisations NRK, VVVF and NVZ, in collaboration with MKB Nederland, VNO/NCW, producers and users of hazardous chemicals.

Due to the global pandemic, the event only took place in virtual form.

We hope to see you in person at the next Landelijks Stoffendag!

Here you can read our report of the previous edition.


The annual SEPAWA® CONGRESS is the significant meeting point for the detergents/cleansers, cosmetics, and fragrance industry in Europe.

Due to the global pandemic, the congress is regrettably cancelled. We hope to find you in good health at the next SEPAWA CONGRESS!

Global Business Summit Europe 2020


Trade Wind is proud partner of the Global Business Summit Europe 2020, which will take place in Amsterdam on 25-26 March 2020Due to the coronavirus crisis, the summit will take place as a virtual conference on 9-10 September 2020.

Key topics:

  • How sustainable is your chemicals management strategy?
  • Sourcing materials: The foundation of your sustainable chemicals management strategy;
  • Manufacturing and production: Ensuring best practice and latest chemicals management knowledge reach the factory floor;
  • Chemicals in use: Knowing what chemicals are in your products and how to manage any risks;
  • Waste and recycling.

For more information, click here.

We hope to see you healthy and in person again at the next Global Business Summit 2021 on 24-25 March 2021 in Amsterdam!

ExESS Workshops 2020

After the success of previous years, we organise another round of 4 workshops in collaboration with ChemPros B.V. on Thursday 13 February 2020 in Zeist. Note, the workshops will be in Dutch!

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Landelijke Stoffendag 2019 (Dutch National Chemicals Day)

Trade Wind & ChemPros-stand at the “Landelijke Stoffendag 2019” (Dutch National Chemicals Day)

On Wednesday December 11th 2019, the Dutch National Chemicals Day took place on the ReeHorst estate in Ede. This annual event was again organised by branch organisations NRK, VVVF and NVZ, in collaboration with MKB Nederland, VNO / NCW, producers and users of hazardous chemicals.

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ExESS Usermeeting 2019

ExESS User Meeting 2019, Hilton Royal Parc, Soestduinen

The 10th ExESS User meeting took place on 3 October 2019 in the Hilton Royal Parc in Soestduinen. Users anvd prospects met the team of Trade Wind B.V. and ChemPros B.V., and representatives of Lisam Systems S.A.

The following topics were discussed:

  • UFI code; the how, what and for whom.
  • new ABM water hazard; how does it work in ExESS?
  • Chemspector; what can I do with this new software from LISAM?
  • latest developments from LISAM; what is important for the user?

Finally, there was a plenary session where questions, wishes and areas for improvement concerning ExESS were discussed.

We would like to thank all participants and hope that you have had a pleasant and informative day. See you next year!

ExESS User Meeting 2018

The 9th Exess User meeting took place on 14 May 2018 at the Hilton Royal Parc in Soestduinen. Users and prospects met the team of Trade Wind B.V. and Tessa Desmet & Frans Lemaire from Lisam Systems S.A. After a word of welcome from Trade Wind director Harro Elsborg, the release notes of ExESS 18.1 were discussed and explained by Lisam’s team. This presentation was followed by the road map of Lisam, in which future developments of Lisam and ExESS were discussed. In Tips & Tricks ExESS, Chi Ho Tang from Trade Wind gave a short demonstration of useful customisations and functions in ExESS 18.1 to make the user work more efficient with the software. As in previous years, there was plenty of input from the audience in the form of questions, suggestions and discussion points in the Q & A section. Afterwards, the participants had completed an evaluation form and rated us with an 8- / 10 which makes us very proud!

We would like to thank all participants and hope that you have had a beautiful and instructive day.

Trade Wind Workshops 2017

Poster Trade Wind Workshops 2017
Due to reactions by our customers’ given during our annual ExESS® Usermeetings, we will organize 4 workshops on 30 November 2017 in The Hague, which can be followed classically.