Promo Video HG International kiest ExESS HG International B.V. chooses ExESS After an introduction over 10 years ago, HG International
decided to procure ExESS for calculating, preparing and
translating their safety data sheets (SDS) and labels.
The user-friendliness, flexibility and openness were the
deciding factors to replace Sphera with ExESS.
10 year partnership HG-Trade Wind MORE NEWS HG INTERNATIONAL B.V.
UFI & PCN Unique Formula Identifier (UFI) on your labels are
mandatory per 1 Jan. 2021 for products for consumer and
professional use.
You also need to provide digital information about your
products in the form of a Poison Centres Notification
(PCN) to the National Poison Centers or to the relevant
ECHA Portal. Are you ready?
Deadline 1 January 2021 CONTACT ME MORE INFO
Global Business Summit 2021 Trade Wind is a proud partner of this conference organised
by Chemical Watch.
Due to COVID-19, this event is cancelled.
Read more in our news item.
CANCELLED: 25-26 March 2021, Amsterdam GBS WEBSITE NEWS ITEM
Landelijke Stoffendag 2020 Due to the coronavirus crisis, the annual "Landelijke Stoffendag
2020" will only take place as an online event.
More information can be found on the Stoffendag website
and in our news item.
NEWS ITEM 9 December 2020, online event WEBSITE STOFFENDAG
SEPAWA® Congress 2020 The annual SEPAWA® CONGRESS is the most significant
meeting point of the detergents/cleansers, cosmetics and
fragrance industry in Europe.
Due to the coronavirus crisis, the congress is regretably
cancelled this year.
For more information, read our news item or visit the
SEPAWA® website.
CANCELLED 28-30 October 2020, Berlin, Germany NEWS ITEM SEPAWA® WEBSITE
Trade Wind Trade Wind supports companies and institutions that
deal with chemicals
Working safely with chemicals
ExESS® Use Lisam’s ExESS®software for the complete
management of your chemicals


Software and services for drawing up and distributing SDSs.

Trade Wind supports companies and organizations who deal with chemicals in creating and maintaining a safe working environment and in meeting the related legal requirements.

We sell software for drawing up SDSs, Workplace Instruction Cards, Labels, ReaCh Volume Tracking, Incident Management, Exposures, maintaining the Hazardous Substances Register, etc. In addition we offer a highly effective and efficient internet application for distributing SDSs to your customers.
If you are looking to outsource the authoring of your SDSs, you have come to the right address. Our expert team will be happy to take the work off your hands. You can choose from more than 50 languages, plus all of the currently available GHS dialects.


CLP labelling




  • They have high-level knowledge of the system [ExESS]. The helpdesk is very accessible: I submit my queries by email and always receive a reply within one day. Questions asked by phone are commonly answered in the same conversation.

    Ivo Horde - Plant Manager Nestaan Holland B.V
  • Trade Wind came up with the state-of-the-art solution ‘VeiligMetVerf’ – Safe With Paint, a program which enables the Dutch paint industry and its distributors to meet their REACH obligation of electronically transmitting SDSs and SDS updates to their downstream users. The underlying solution DeDoks saves our industry at least EUR 700,000 per year.

    Martin Terpstra - Director of the Association of Paint Manufacturers VVVF, the Netherlands
  • Our SDS software ExESS has hugely sped up the process of creating SDSs. Not only did it simplify the entire process, it also provided a wealth of options, including CLP, GHS (all regions), 45 languages, all of the European limit values, labels, working instructions, detergent reports and interfaces. All available in one single system and easily manageable.

    Herbert Meier - Manager Dangerous Goods and Regulatory Affairs Frike Chemicals A.G.


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