ExESS Features

ExESS Features

ExESS offers an integrated modular solution for:

Easy to configure and adapt

The ExESS EH&S applications are easy to use and flexible in their configuration. They allow you to create and adapt screens and templates or set up approval or validation processes in less than no time.

Built on Microsoft technology

As a Microsoft Certified Partner, Lisam has developed its software using Microsoft.NET. ExESS’ full compatibility with MS Office products and tools makes the software easy to use and configure, change and adapt. The familiar operating environment ensures fast automation of your system and ultra-quick implementation.

Integration with ERP systems and third-party solutions

ExESS offers a powerful, open infrastructure for integration with your data and third-party content. Besides real-time API integration with a wide range of ERP systems, the software also permits batch integration using built-in integration tools. Our clients confirm the successful integration of ExESS with ERP systems, such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics / Navision, JD Edwards, PeopleSoft, Oracle, ProcessPro, Ross and other in-house ERP systems.

Database integration with rules and regulations

ExESS offers a wide variety of cost effective, integrated regulatory content options, such as Lisam’s OEL lists, EU GHS and REACH libraries, and US State/Federal lists. One key differentiator is that Lisam also offers clients their choice of fully integrated third party regional libraries, including BIG for the EU, JCDB for Japan, SRICI for China, or ChemADVISOR’s LOLI® for global content. All options include automated ‘one-push-of-the-button’ content updates.

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