Chemspector – Chemicals Inventory & Reporting

Are you ready to improve your productivity and risk management? Chemspector provides instantaneous information for continuous security!

Chemspector is a user-friendly tool for efficient management of your chemicals inventory, stock movements tracking, and simplified safety documents generation.

Chemspector key features:

  • Chemicals inventory
  • Stock management
  • Real-time statistics
  • Safety documents generation
  • Direct link to safety data sheets (SDS)
  • Immediate safety information
  • Available on mobile!

Instant real-time information

Easily input any type of stock movement in Chemspector to keep track and closely monitor all your stock data and stock levels. All inventory data can be seen in real-time for continuous safety assurance.

Detailed safety information

With just one click, Chemspector can generate safety instruction cards (SIC’s), labels, and other safety documents for your products.


Chemspector comes with advanced permission management features to control your user profiles and efficiently hierarchize the accesses to critical data and information.


Chemspector is part of Lisam System’s ComplyStation solutions, the first platform dedicated to alleviating the complexities of compliance and quality management through a set of business applications. Benefit from the following features:

  • connect from any browser;
  • available on desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile phone;
  • customisable with any third-party software;
  • multilingual.


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