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Trade Wind provides support in chemical substances labeling

Does CLP labeling affect you? Are you looking for help in fulfilling the labeling requirement under the CLP Regulation? Trade Wind offers the support you need. Located in The Hague, the Netherlands, our company offers flexible solutions for labeling chemical substances and mixtures. We also offer specialist assistance in preparing Safety Data Sheets and any other chemical substances related documentation. You may call on our expertise if CLP and chemical substances related rules and regulations apply to your business. Labeling is only one of the areas where we offer expert support. You can also rely on us if you need a Workplace Instruction Card or a database management system for your chemicals. By choosing Lisam ExESS provided by Trade Wind you are sure to obtain a highly flexible system for your chemicals management.

CLP labeling creates clarity

Labeling constitutes a fundamental part of the CLP Regulation. As a matter of fact, the European Union created CLP to ensure that anyone dealing with chemical substances is immediately aware of any risks involved. For instance if a supplier marks a substance as ‘acutely toxic’. In such cases correct and clear labeling is of paramount importance. For the aforementioned example the resulting label would read ‘Fatal if swallowed’. The text would include the word ‘hazard’ and the applicable symbol would be a skulls and crossbones. Creating the proper labels is a task you can safely assign to Trade Wind. Alternatively you can make your own labels with the help of our user-friendly software.

Lisam ExESS features

Our software is highly suitable for use in an environment that calls for compliance with labeling and other CLP requirements. Moreover, it offers comprehensive features including the following chemicals database management tools:

  • Chemicals Report Management
  • Chemical risk assessment
  • SCC, Supply Chain Communication
  • Process flow management
  • Environmental and waste management

Our software meets the latest standards and is easy to use. As a matter of fact, it is so user-friendly that extending an application can be done without the assistance of an IT administrator. We go to great lengths to offer you a practical and flexible approach.

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