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Are you looking for a professional company to create an SDS (Safety Data Sheet) for you? Then partner up with Trade Wind. We will create, translate and distribute your SDSs and Workplace Instruction Cards (WICs) for you. The fact that you found our website indicates that you are aware of the importance of preparing and maintaining a safe working environment for yourself and your clients. Not just from a compliance point of view. But also because you want to ensure that each of your employees can perform their work safely, securely and with peace of mind. Read on to find out how we can help you create a safe working environment.

If we prepare your SDS

Each company that brings chemicals to the market must include correct and up-to-date SDSs with their products. Trade Wind knows all the latest legal changes. That is why we suggest that you have our experts prepare your safety documents for you. But actually we can do much more to help you. Such as translating your SDSs or converting them into the correct GHS dialect. For this outsourcing service all we need from you is the relevant information. You submit the formulation, the raw materials data and the physical properties; we convert the information into a complete SDS. Either into the much used GHS-EU (CLP) dialect or into any other desired GHS dialect. We are currently able to translate your SDS into more than 50 languages and that number is growing steadily. Of course we can also create other documents for you, such as Workplace Instruction Cards, Technical Data Sheets or Labels. Contact us for more information. Or call us to arrange a meeting.

All GHS dialects

As stated earlier, we are able to create SDSs in more than 50 languages and all GHS dialects. A few examples:

  • GHS-EU (CLP), United States and Canada
  • China, Japan and Korea
  • Thailand, Taiwan and Singapore
  • Australia and New Zealand
  • Turkey (SEA) Mexico and Brazil

Once the documents are ready we submit them in .pdf or .doc format. This allows you to edit them as necessary. Are you interested in this particular service? Then contact us today.


In short: whether you are looking for help in creating safety documents or need more information about the laws and regulations – Trade Wind is your go-to partner. Call us today for an appointment at +31(0)70-214 13 40. Or email your questions or requests to Trade Wind will be happy to create, translate and distribute your SDS for you.

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