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Safe handling of chemicals

Are you looking for a company that is able to draw up a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for you? Trade Wind is an internationally operating company specializing in the creation Safety Data Sheets (SDS), sometimes also called safety sheets. Do chemicals form a part of your daily operations? Then at times you may find it difficult to apply all of the related legislation correctly as it changes constantly. Trade Wind is expert on the relevant rules and regulations and sells software to help you apply them properly. We use the software to draw up safety sheets for you, but you could do the same in-house. Our software makes it easy to create and use your SDSs and Safety Instruction Cards (SICs) yourself. We apply a flexible approach and use our expertise to either help you directly or via our specialist software.

Why are Safety Sheets important?

In companies dealing with chemicals, people are exposed to risks. To safeguard people’s safety in such an environment it is important that everyone knows how to handle the chemicals involved. Safety Sheets must be clear and up to date. Also, it is crucial that all actual substances are clearly displayed. The safety of the people working with chemicals is a number one priority of the government. Implementing the related obligations requires expert knowledge. Here at Trade Wind we have such expert knowledge. From our offices in The Hague we can help you draw up Safety Sheets and VICs. Or you can choose to create the required documents yourself with the help of our user-friendly software.

How can Trade Wind help you?

We offer a complete package of services and products in the complex area of safe handling of chemicals. Our core services and products include:

  • Supplying expert software (ExESS)
  • Supplying and installing software
  • Drawing up and translating Safety Sheets and VICs
  • Consultancy services
  • Training on legislation and legal obligations
  • Training in ExESS
  • ReaCh

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