DeDoks: SDS distribution tool

DeDoks is a fully internet-based distribution system for your Safety Data Sheets (SDSs). All you need is an internet connection – you don’t have to install any software.

After logging in as an administrator you can add your SDSs to the database, modify them or remove them. When a simple Excel order sheet is read in, the SDSs can be transmitted. DeDoks checks who has not yet received the SDS and whether a client has placed several orders during the same day, ensuring that they all can be transmitted using one single email. You have the option of automating the upload of Excel sheets and consequently, the entire distribution process.

In the event of changes to a particular SDS, DeDoks establishes which clients have received it in the past year and automatically sends them the new version.

You also have the option of making the database available online, allowing users to download SDSs independently. These users also automatically receive new versions that are issued. With the use of a so-called IFrame the DeDoks interface can be made available online via your own website.

Would you like to make your uploaded SDSs available to your distributors for transmission to their clients? It takes only one mouse click.

Our flexible solution makes your SDSs available 24/7. What’s more, this highly efficient system which offers easy compliance with the relevant legal requirements is available at a very affordable price.