CLP regulation

Clear language when presenting chemical substances

The CLP Regulation is a Regulation from the European Union. Does the CLP Regulation apply to your company? Does your business involve the handling of chemical substances? Are you required to provide clear information about chemical substances under the CLP Regulation? Then Trade Wind can offer all the support you need. We specialize in formulating and translating Safety Data Sheets (SDSs). You can rely on us for drawing up the necessary documents or supplying the relevant software. Our software programs DeDoks and ExESS cater to your needs. Our flexible approach enables you to use our services even if you have infrequent dealings with chemical substances in the framework of the CLP Regulations. In that case we can create your SDS based on the CLP Regulation. We currently offer this service in 52 languages. Would you like to learn more about how we can assist you in complying with the CLP Regulation? Then contact us for a free, no obligation enquiry. You can find our contact details below.

What is the importance of the CLP Regulation?

The European Union creates laws and rules for the purpose of protecting human health and the environment. Many of these laws are formulated in such a way that every person in the European Union can understand them. Various symbols are used for indicating the hazards related to chemical substances. The European rules aim at creating uniformity and clarity, which obviously is of great importance in dealings with chemical substances. Here at Trade Wind we are able to tell you all there is to know about how to apply these rules and regulations in daily practice.

Trade Wind’s services

Trade Wind’s expertise extends beyond the CLP Regulation. Our services cover a wide range of solutions in relation to chemical substances rules and regulations and include:

  • Creating your SDS
  • Translating documents on chemical substances legislation
  • Consultancy services
  • Development and supply of specialist software
  • Training on legislation and legal obligations

Want to know more about the CLP Regulation?

Trade Wind will gladly provide information about how chemical substances rules and regulations can be applied. Do you want to find out more about your specific options? Call or email us. Phone +31(0)70-214 13 40 or send an email to Trade Wind ensures practical implementation of the CLP Regulation and other rules and laws.

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