CLP classification

Classification of chemical substances

Would you like to know more about how to apply the Classification requirement of the CLP Regulation? Are you a producer of chemical substances or do you apply them in your processes? Then Trade Wind can help. We specialize in making and providing SDSs as well as other CLP classification related products and services. But besides CLP classification, we also offer support as regards all the relevant rules and regulations involving chemical substances. In a pragmatic and clear way. That is the style of Trade Wind. Our customers rely on our expertise and pragmatic approach. For instance when they need software for CLP Classification.
By integrating the CLP Classification requirements into a pragmatic solution our ExESS software is able to produce correct SDSs and other mandatory documents in a clear and uncomplicated way. Trade Wind also helps you with training on and implementation of the ultra-modern software which was developed in a state-of-the-art environment. ExESS runs on .NET and uses an SQL database, offering high flexibility.

CLP Classification. What are the advantages?

The application of CLP classification ensures uniformity and clarity within the European Union. Classifying chemical substances helps create a clear understanding about the risks involved in certain chemical substances and their mixtures. The classification defines the extent to which a safety risk exists. For manufacturers, the main importance of proper classification lies in the fact that it enables them to provide sufficient warning, take appropriate measures and use the right protection equipment.

But economic factors also play an important role. Classification in a higher hazard class will lead to higher costs for transportation, furnishing equipment and personal protective equipment. Our team at Trade Wind will gladly elaborate on our wide range of solutions, including direct support by taking the design of your SDSs, labels and WICs off your hands, or the supply and installation of our software as an alternative.

How Trade Wind supports you

Here at Trade Wind we provide the best services to ensure that you can take all the right measures when working with chemical substances. Here’s how we do that:

  • We draw up your SDSs and other safety documents
  • We provide and install specific software
  • We provide consultancy services
  • We provide training in ExESS (e.g. at your premises)
  • We provide training tailored to your needs concerning legislation and your legal obligations

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