European Regulation for the protection of human health and the environment

Are you familiar with REACH? REACH is a Regulation from the EU aiming at protecting human health and the environment against the risks of chemical substances. Would you like to know how your organization can best meet the obligations formulated by the REACH Regulation? Then talk to Trade Wind. From our offices located in The Hague we offer a software program that enables you to meet your obligations with respect to chemical substances. A software program that, in addition, goes beyond compliance with the REACH instructions by offering several applications in the area of safe handling of chemicals. Brought to the Dutch market by Trade Wind, the ExESS system offers users a highly flexible application. And thanks to its ease of use, extensions tailored to your specific situation in most cases can be added without IT support. Would you like to learn more about your options regarding REACH? Then contact Trade Wind today. You’ll find our contact details below.

Support for safe handling of chemical substances

Trade Wind is more than a supplier of independently operable software. We also offer expert support if you need a single SDS or SDS translation. We currently manage translations into 52 languages. Trade Wind makes things easier for you! We offer practical solutions, in particular with respect to the export of products involving chemical substances.

Does your company work with chemical substances? Is the professional handling of chemicals a priority for your organization? Do you also value safety in relation to working with chemicals? Then call on Trade Wind’s expertise to help you meet the legal requirements. We offer a flexible solution tailored to your company’s needs.

The objectives of ReaCh

The ReaCh regulation contains the following core objectives:

  • Protection of human health
  • Protection of the environment
  • Enhancing the competitiveness of the EU chemicals industry
  • Promoting alternative methods for substance hazard assessment
  • Reducing animal testing

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