ExESS Workplace safety

ExESS® Workplace safety

Preventing workplace accidents and injuries, and promoting safe and healthy work places is important for all employers. However, managing the information related to work place safety instructions and emergency measures can be difficult and time-consuming. As a long-standing partner to the chemical industry, Lisam Systems offers an effective, affordable solution to enable you to gain and maintain control over this data.

The ExESS Workplace Safety solution manages the work place safety information from one centralized database and offers capabilities to manage libraries, reporting and calculation algorithms. It quickly and easily generates documents that describe the advised handling of chemicals and hazardous materials, and the adequate protective measures to be taken as well as measures to be taken in case of an emergency.

ExESS Workplace Safety Features

  • Leverages Microsoft Word, Excel and Microsoft Access applications
  • Generates internal operating instructions for personnel coming into contact with or handling chemical substances on the work-floor.
  • Can offer multiple instructions for a single substance
  • Provides automatic selection of pictograms

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