ExESS Inventory Management

ExESS Inventory management

ExESS® exchanges EH&S data from Excel, Access or other software with one centralized IT solution and provides a flexible database for any Quality, Safety or Environmental Management System.  Inventory Management collects the objects according to your requirements, and is a flexible IT toolbox to support all aspects of Chemicals Management.  ExESS is compatible with many Microsoft applications and can easily be integrated or configured with your existing ERP system.

ExESS Inventory Management Features:

Inventory Management of Substances, Mixtures and Articles

Manage the ever-changing global inventories and lists of CAS numbers. ExESS can create Regulatory Reports to indicate the identification of listed substances in multi-constituents, mixtures and articles. This is called Substance Inventory Management.

Chemicals Related Inventory Management

Manage a variety of tables and lists, essential for Chemical Stock management and overall inventory management.


Track the existence and location of tanks, gas bottles, lab equipment, ventilation systems, instruments and more.


List personnel based on organization, location, responsibilities, tasks, chemical exposure, etc.

Task Management

Tracks expiration dates, schedules and assigns maintenance, inspections, calibration, organize corrective actions, order triggers for minimum stock, etc.

Chemical Products

Inventorizes all substances and mixtures, volumes and characteristics of those products, as well as where they are located in your company.

Personal Protective Equipment

Keeps track of PPE and where it is located.

Locations, buildings, labs, rooms and departments

Maps the organization and location in a tree structure and creates associations with every asset, including products, personnel, and equipment.

Digital Document Links

Stores external documentation in a centralized location (e.g. information on chemicals, study reports, IUCLID5 dossiers, license and inspection reports, etc.)

Activities and processes

Manages relation between product/substance and process (ISO 14001, OHSAS, Responsible care, etc.)

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