ExESS Chemicals & Speciality Chemicals

ExESS Chemicals and Specialty Chemicals

Flexible and intuitive, the ExESS® Chemical Management System offers an extended set of functionality, dedicated to optimizing the day-to-day management of chemicals.

The chemical manufacturing sector continues to face increasing regulation and compliance measures. Complete visibility is required across the supply chain.

Keeping up with ever changing regulations requires a solid, EH&S management system that can track items and materials used during the manufacturing process, identify hazardous substances and communicate information internally and throughout the supply chain.

Lisam Systems helps chemical and process manufacturers stay ahead of the competition and comply with ever-changing regulations.

ExESS users have the benefit of accessing all required compliance and chemical management data from a single database and can generate site-based chemical watch lists, set-up categorization according to use, function, location and more.

Some specific areas covered include:

  • Inventories
  • Safety Data Sheets: SDS – ES – eSDS
  • Label management
  • Generating Workplace Instruction Cards
  • Workplace Risk Assessment
  • Permits
  • Storage of explosive materials
  • Dangerous waste

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