Chemicals Management requires a flexible system

Are you familiar with the ExESS program? It is brought to you by Trade Wind. ExESS currently is the most flexible system for chemicals management. The system includes many useful and advanced features, not only for drawing up SDSs and managing chemical substances, but also in relation to EHS, the environment, waste reporting and maintenance. ExESS is the program of choice if dealing with chemicals forms part of your working environment. ExESS enables you to control all the aspects involved and meet the legal requirements at the same time. And adding features is so straightforward that in most cases you won’t even need an IT specialist to do that. Want to know more about what ExESS can do for your company? Contact Trade Wind for a free, no obligation enquiry. Our contact details are listed below.

Why Trade Wind?

Many companies will agree that working with chemicals can be complicated. Rules and regulations are subject to constant change. Substances can be reclassified or taken off the market. Safety risks must be limited as much as possible. And not just because the government says so. But evidently also because you will want to limit your own safety risks and provide your customers with complete information about the hazards involved in your products.
Trade Wind offers support that matches your needs and requirements to a T. You can leave it up to us to create and translate your important Workplace Instruction Cards and SDSs. Or you can choose to use the software we developed and do it yourself. Trade Wind provides services tailored to the needs of your organization.

ExESS features

Here’s an impression of the unique features offered by ExESS:

  • Creation and translation of SDSs and WICs
  • Chemicals data management and hazardous substances register
  • Volume Tracking
  • Regulatory Status Assessment
  • Notification of Poison Information Centers
  • SEVESO III management
  • VOC reporting
  • Complaints handling
  • Maintenance
  • Recording exposures
  • Waste management
  • CLP Regulation

Want to know more about the options with ExESS?

Here at Trade Wind we take the time to explain exactly how we can help you. You can count on us for providing services tailored to your unique needs. Do you want to do things in-house and have you the right people for the job? Then we recommend that you use our software. Call us for more information on +31(0)70-214 13 40. For queries about the ExESS system or any of our other services or products, email us at info@twnl.nl.

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